Our Story

While traveling in the late 2000s, founder Brion Voges had a life-changing encounter with Neapolitan pizza. Recognizing the pizza’s absence in Chattanooga, he teamed up with his father-in-law, the seasoned food industry expert, Jim Richards, with the shared ambition to bring this unique pizza experience to our community. Seeking to hone his craft, Brion trained under Roberto Caporuscio, renowned owner of Kesté in NYC and president of the APN (Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani).

Under Caporuscio’s guidance, Brion delved into the fundamentals of Neapolitan pizza-making, mastering the art of dough preparation, dough pressing, and the artful cooking process. This marked the beginning of his profound pizza education. Over the course of the past seven years, FIAMMA Pizza has continuously evolved and grown. Brion Voges and his dedicated team have acquired invaluable knowledge and skills, incorporating them into the FIAMMA experience that is part of the vibrant Chattanooga restaurant scene.

History in the Baking

With roots that trace all the way back to Naples, Italy during the 18th century, Neapolitan pizza is the oldest style that continues to delight us today. Even though the variety originated in the 1700s, it was in 1889 when Raffaele Esposito crafted a pizza adorned with the colors of the Italian flag. This red, white, and green pizza was made as a tribute to Queen Margherita of Savoy. This iconic creation soon gained fame as the Margherita pizza, becoming one of the most popular kinds of Neapolitan pizza, etching the variety’s place in culinary history as a timeless classic.

About Our Pizzas

At FIAMMA, our dough undergoes a meticulous two-step fermentation process that spans up to 72 hours, allowing it to develop a complex and remarkable flavor profile. Our Neapolitan pizzas are cooked to order in Italian wood-burning ovens, reaching temperatures of 800-900 degrees. It is this intense heat and the consistent nature of our dough that creates the signature charred crust.

The dough is topped with a classic tomato sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes, imported cheese, and a selection of high-quality toppings prepared in-house. The result is an exquisite taste and exceptional culinary experience that is unique to FIAMMA.

Fiamma Pepperoni
Neopolitan Pizza
Neapolitan pizzas embody three distinct characteristics that set them apart.

  • They boast a simple dough crafted with only water, flour, salt, and yeast—no sugar or oil.
  • Their crusts are delicately thin.
  • They bake in 60-90 seconds in a wood burning oven.
Diavola Pizza
Sicilian Pizza

The Sicilian pizza holds the prestigious title of being the grandfather of deep dish pies, serving as the inspiration for both the renowned Chicago and Detroit-style pizzas. Hailing from the island of Sicily, off the coast of Italy, this pizza tradition has stood the test of time. We proudly craft Sicilian pies using the finest high-quality 00 flour, and bake them in a traditional oven using deep dish pans.

Despite their substantial thickness, our Sicilian pies are surprisingly light and fluffy. This is achieved by incorporating ample air into the dough during the preparation process and results in a delightful combination of a thick crust with a texture that effortlessly melts in your mouth. Our commitment to authenticity and tradition ensures that our Sicilian pies cater specifically to deep dish enthusiasts, providing them with an exceptional culinary experience that remains faithful to its origins.

Specialty Ingredients

To ensure authenticity, we import the three essential pizza-making ingredients straight from Italy!


Bufala, also known as “Buffalo mozzarella” (in Italian: mozzarella di bufala), is a type of mozzarella cheese that is crafted using milk from water buffalo. Buffalo milk stands out as the thickest, richest, and creamiest of all milks. It boasts double the fat content of cow’s milk, imparting a distinct indulgence to the cheese. The inherent qualities of buffalo milk lend a luxurious texture and a heightened flavor profile to the final cheese product, elevating it to a level of excellence that is celebrated by cheese connoisseurs worldwide.

San Marzano Tomatoes
We meticulously prepare our sauce using San Marzano tomatoes exclusively, which originate from a renowned region in Italy bearing the same name. The tomatoes exhibit a remarkable balance, blending elements of sweetness, intense tomato flavor, and the perfect amount of acidity. This distinctive combination sets San Marzano tomatoes apart and elevates them as a key ingredient in our sauce.
00 Flour
We take pride in crafting our crust with imported 00 flour, carefully selected for its exceptional quality. This finely ground Italian flour, commonly referred to as doppio zero or 00 flour, is a preferred choice for creating exquisite pasta and pizza dough. It’s worth noting that across Italy and other European regions, various grind sizes are used, ranging from double zero to two. Among these, double zero represents the finest grind, while two signifies the coarsest. It is important to clarify that the term “double zero” does not pertain to the gluten content or the protein level within the flour. Instead, it signifies the meticulous grinding process that produces a remarkably fine texture. By utilizing this premium 00 flour in our crust, we ensure an unrivaled foundation for our pizzas, resulting in a delightful combination of lightness, chewiness, and a satisfying bite.

Our Oven

Neapolitan style pizza is traditionally baked in distinctive wood-burning ovens at very high heat. At FIAMMA, we use authentic Acunto ovens, hand-crafted in Naples, Italy. They burn oak and achieve temperatures of up to 900 degrees. The intense heat is responsible for imparting the iconic “char” or dark spots that characterize Neapolitan pizzas. These charred spots add a unique touch to the pizza, enhancing its flavor and creating a visually appealing contrast. It’s only through the use of these ovens that we are able recreate the authentic taste and experience of this timeless culinary tradition.


Craig B, on Google

“Truly authentic, certified Neapolitan wood-fired pizza! Does it make a difference? Absolutely! My wife and I have had the pleasure of visiting Naples, Italy and eating the best pizza in the world; kudos to FIAMMA for making a fabulous effort to bring Italy to the North Shore! My wife stated that the gluten free crust was the BEST she has EVER eaten! I can tell you, that is an incredible compliment. We love pizza and always hesitate because GF pizza crust falls short of “real” pizza. FIAMMA’s GF crust was so good, and looked so much like regular, flour based crust, that we both thought they made a mistake (I am not GF so I ordered a traditional flour crust while my wife ordered a GF crust). We shared that with the team and they told us they make their own GF crust in house from scratch! Wow! It was the first time ever my wife felt like she was getting the real thing! Well done FIAMMA … We really enjoyed our visit and highly recommend it! Anyone wanting to know what authentic Neapolitan pizza tastes like needs to visit FIAMMA today! Favoloso!”

Julia B, on Google

“Perfect pizza that LEGIT tastes italian! Their flawless crust that is thin and crispy on the edges has a special taste from being baked in real fire ♥️😎 Also, their topping options are very good and diverse. I love going there!”

Chris H, on Google
“Absolutely authentic Italian pizza! Not for the typical American pizza lover if all you care about is a pile of cheese on a pizza crust. Fiamma takes their pizza seriously – they use 00 flour from Italy, Italian tomatoes, and two massive wood-burning pizza ovens! I’ve been to different parts of Italy totaling 40+ weeks and this compares quite favorably to anything I ate there.”
Kerry W, on Google
“FINALLY found a real pizza place 🍕that uses quality unbleached flour !!!! All fresh ingredients !!! And wood fired 🔥 pizza ovens !!! Delicious !!! 😋”
Carrie M, on Google
“Great atmosphere and fantastic pizza. My son loved his BBQ meatball pizza so much that he hasn’t stopped talking about how good it was. Every person working had a smile on their face which made the experience that much more enjoyable. Will definitely be back.”